Oklahoma Football Tailgating

Oklahoma Football Tailgating

Voltec Extension Cords

These heavy duty cords are long enough to keep the power out of the way and still reach the big screen.

Yeti Cooler

Known for their insulation and durability, YETI coolers will keep your beer and sodas ice cold long after the goal posts come down.

Jim Shockey Video

Honda Generators

With quiet Honda generators, you can hear the game not the generator.

Splash Video
Hard Core Granny Video

Safety Eyewear

With 100% UV protection, Oakley Flak Jacket sunglasses are lightweight for all-day comfort.
Jackson Safety Nemesis safety glasses are as good for you as they are good looking.

Wallace Spearman Video
Oakley Details

Primo Grills

Grill or smoke while maintaining a consistent low or high temperature with Primo's even heating across the entire surface of the grill.

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